See your exposure from your attacker’s perspective

Arm your organization with the insights it needs to prevent digital threats

AttackBound is a cyber threat intelligence platform that provides vital insights to predict your online threat exposure in one easy-to-use, yet powerful platform. If your organization operates online, you need to know what is making you vulnerable – before it can impact you.

Use the insights AttackBound provides to take action, putting controls and precautions in place to prevent your organization from potential critical threats before any damaging hack, leak or security breach can occur.

Our solution

Easy set-up & use

With the simple-to-use dashboard, you will have access to immediate insights after registering.

Prepare & Prevent

Knowledge is power. Download threat reports so you can take pre-emptive action.

Continuous Threat Monitoring

Daily analysis on the latest, and all previous, overall threat exposure scores for your organization.

Industry Benchmark

Compare your company’s position within the overall industry with your own ‘threat exposure score’.

Our Solution

AttackBound provides a threat overview of every potentially vulnerable element of your operations, from your people, to software and suppliers, so you can take action.

Attack Surface Exposure

Are you depending on software or infrastructure which is unwittingly giving footholds to attackers?

Social Threat Intelligence

What can be discovered online about your employees, and used against you?

Digital Supply Chain

Is your vendor providing a bridge, straight over your defenses, to your most valuable assets?

Our Solution

How it works

Subscribe & Provide targets

Provide us with a list of targets, we will provide you threat vectors, data breaches and more.

Threat analysis

Our predictive threat engine will gather data relevant to your organization.

Mitigate attack surface

Identify threats and take action to reduce your exposure.

Follow your evolution

See how your threat exposure reduces over time and improve your industry rating.

Trusted by Organizations Across the Globe

AttackBound helps level the playing field, so you can stay one step ahead of potential threats.

Stolen identities, software hacks and damaging data leaks – cyber attacks can instantly cripple your business and hurt your reputation.

With AttackBound, you can discover the critical issues you need to address before becoming a threat, across every level of your organization from your people, to software and suppliers.

Start using AttackBound to address your risk