The AttackBound Solution

Do you know if any area of your organization is exposed to digital threats right now? With AttackBound, you can have that data in minutes.

Our unique cyber threat intelligence platform analyses every potentially at-risk element of your operations, from your people, to software and suppliers, so you can understand where you are vulnerable and take preventive measures to keep your data, company and customers safe.

Attack Surface Exposure

Every digital connection, software, and platform is a potential avenue your attackers can use to access your private data and that of your customers. AttackBound can analyze technical aspects of your operations to detect potential threats and risks before someone can use them to infiltrate your organization.

Indentify At-Risk Services

Find out if your organization has any known Vulnerabilities and Exposures.

Anaylze Critical Infastructure

Check if domain records, Digital Certificates or email servers are misconfigured and leaving you exposed.

Prevent Global Exposure

Ensure no sensitive services and assets are open to global, remote access.

Digital Supply Chain

Are you confident that every vendor in your supply chain has the right cybersecurity measures in place? AttackBound will analyze and identify where they might be leaving you vulnerable to attacks.

Know Your Suppliers

Build up-to-date lists of all intermediate providers and what services you are using from them

Find Weak Points

Identify software and services at risk, and check how you can improve the security of your organization.

Track Your Data

If your service data isn’t being stored/used in your country, know where it is and what policies apply

Uncover Exposure Risk

Understand the risks in your supply chain and where you are being exposed

Social Threat Intelligence

With every social message, post, discussion, and upload there is a chance of your employee’s information being used to impersonate your organization and trick or scam your customers. AttackBound will identify where sensitive information is being leaked, hacked, or sold on the Internet and the Dark web. You can take steps to protect your employee’s, customers, and your organization.

Dark web Analyzer

Know if your employees credentials have been compromised and where.

Prevent Fraud

Know where attackers could access your employee’s information and increase security before they can use it against you.

Protect Critical Information

Analyze your information networks to identify if passwords, API keys and other critical data could be exposed.

Prevent Digital Attacks Before They Happen

Most people only think about cyber security after a ‘near death experience’ occurs. We equip your organization with intelligence to take action before it happens.

Use AttackBound now to reveal what is putting you at risk.